Strength Training Plan – Gold


What will you get when you sign up for a Nell Rojas strength plan?

Each level has a detailed 12 week strength plan with two to three workouts per week. In each level you will receive access to the “TrueCoach” App where Nell will input your strength program. TrueCoach makes it easy to watch videos of each movement, see prescribed reps and sets, track progress, and make comments. Please see below for the specifics of each plan and get ready to take your running to the next level.

Strength Coaching Gold

This plan is created specifically for you. This includes an in depth initial email questionnaire and 30 minute phone conversation to go over history, past injuries, goals, schedule, and more. This includes unlimited app and email interaction with Nell. Once you sign up you will receive access to the questionnaire, an email with instructions on how to sign up for the True Coach App, and an email to set up your phone appointment with Nell.

12 Week Beginner, Intermediate, or advanced 100m to marathon strength plan

Beginner: 0-1 year strength training experience
Intermediate : 1-4 years strength training experience
Advanced: 4+ years and have followed a training plan or have had a
personal trainer/strength coach and feel proficient in strength movements.
Advanced Plus: Experienced at strength training and proficient in
kettlebell movements and olympic lifting movements (cleans only).


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